Ultimate Hunter 45 Caliber Smokeless Muzzle Loader Completely sighted in with Scope and load data.


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Here is a 45-caliber smokeless muzzle loader built using the new Defiance Outcast muzzle Loader Action. The OUTCAST is a precision bolt action designed specifically for building modern muzzle loading rifles. It was designed to use the Hankins Ignition System – Made by Hank’s Precision Gun Parts (Standard Bolt Face [.473”] modules). The OUTCAST Action utilizes a “shell holder” type bolt face allowing the module to be conveniently loaded and unloaded. The bolt stop is positioned so the shell holder is always easy to get to and the solid bottom receiver prevents the module from falling into hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the finer 20 T.P.I. thread allows for more hoop strength in the barrel. A 20 MOA precision picatinny rail is mounted with four #8-40 screws and two locating pins to hold it firmly in place. A Brux #5 stainless steel barrel, 1-20 twist, finished at 25 inches and a ram rod attached to the rifle. The ignition system is the HIS Original Large Rifle Magnum Priming system. The stock is a McMillan Game Hunter with a 1-inch Decelerator recoil pad, standard length of pull at 13.5 inches, two flush cups for sling attachment and it is finished in their Transition Camo Woodland. The barreled action has been Cerakoted in Midnight Blue.

In addition, this rifle comes with a Vortex PST Gen 2, 3-15X44 FFP scope, properly mounted in a set of Hank's Precision Gun Parts 30 MM Stealth rings and zeroed at 100 yards, with load data and drop chart to 500 yards.

Also included is the sizing die used for this rifle and 25 sized bullets ready to go, all you need is the powder charge and large rifle magnum primers.

This rifle is for the guy that needs a rifle ready to go, no wasting time at the range, figuring out load data and sighting in the rifle. Just load it with the supplied bullets and recommended powder charge and you will be ready to hunt.

This rifle was built for those guys that want a long range, super accurate smokeless muzzle loader in a lightweight package. This rifle does not have a muzzle brake so recoil will be a little stout, however, for hunting purposes, I feel this is a great alternative to the much heavier rifles we commonly see built and shot from benches.

This rifle must ship to an FFL dealer and the 4473-form completed at your preferred dealer.

Total weight: 10 Lbs. 12 Ozs.