T-Handle Super Rod.

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Here is a T-Handle style ram rod. These rods are .375 diameter so they will work for the 40 caliber and larger bores. The total length of the rod with the handle closed and the jag insert in place is 28.5, once you add the rotating bullet jag the total length is 30.5.

This rod will be shipped to you with the T-handle installed and the jag insert will ship uninstalled, so you can cut the rod to fit the rifle you are using it on.

The price for these rods will be $55.00 for one rod, $45.00 for each additional rod up to 5 rods. This is the amount I can put into one heavy duty shipping tube. So, if you think you will need more than one rod, order them together to save a few dollars. These rods will be shipped in a separate container if you do order other items at the same time, your other items will be shipped in their own box,

The rotating jag pictured is not included with the rods and must be ordered separately.