Winchester Modle 71 Chambered in 348 WCF

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This rifle is from an estate sale. A good customer of mine has reached a point in his life where he can no longer hunt or shoot, so he has asked me to sell his collection of Hankins Custom Rifles and a few other items. You will find his fine collection of high quality rifles and accessories on the Estate Sale page.

Here is a Winchester Model 71 lever action rifle chambered for the 348WCF. This rifle was made in 1932 and has been passed down through the years in the family estate. My customer has decided it is time to let someone else enjoy it. This rifle will sell with all the ammo, reloading dies and bullets that we have with this rifle. Please see the pictures of the extra items we have. The rifle is in about 75% of factory condition. The pictures show the wear marks and bluing condition. The bore is spotless and it has been drilled and tapped for a side mount scope.

The scope mount is included with this purchase

There is 5 boxes of shell with this rifle, approximately37 loaded rounds and 51 empty cases for a total of 88 cases.

We also have the reloading die set so you can reloade these cartridges.

Also included is 61 220 grain round nose bullets, 61 200 grain round nose bullets and 40 200 grain silver tip bullets.