Remington 700 Pre-fit Muzzleloader Barrel


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These Remington Pre-Fit barrels are available in one size only: They are 1.062 straight for 9 inches then tapering to .750 @ 29". This barrel will come with the Hankins Ignition System (HIS).

The thread pitch on these barrels are 1.062-16 TPI to match the Remington actions.

IMPORTANT: When you place your order, please add a note during checkout regarding what barrel length you want. I will cut and crown it once you place the order.

NOTE: If you would also like a muzzle brake installed, you can go to the "Muzzle Brakes for Pre-fit Barrels" page and choose the muzzle brake of your choice to include with your barrel order. Make sure you order the Muzzle Brake for pre-fit or you will get a muzzle brake only and you will have to install it.

Also I recommend you purchase one of my barrel nuts for the Remington pre-fit barrels, as there are several makers of these barrel nuts and not all of them will work with my barrels.

These barrels will work with a 3/16 or 1/4 inch recoil lug, they will not work with a lug thicker than 1/4 inch.