Range Rod

Shipping time: 3-5 day(s)


These muzzleloader range rods/cleaning rods are custom built to fit a variety of barrel lengths and to allow you the ability to adjust the length of your rod as needed. The overall length of this is 36 1/4" without anything attached.

The rods are machined from solid 7075 aluminum, tumbled for a smooth finish, then anodized to add a protective coating.

The end of the rod is tapped 10-32 to allow the use of after-market jags and pullers.

These rods come complete with 5 sections and an ergonomical T-handle for pushing down those stubborn bullets, or use it as a cleaning rod by attaching the handle in line with the rod.

Total length of the rod is 36 ¼”

Kit consists of:

2 rods @ 9 3/8"

1 rod @ 7 1/8"

1 rod @ 6"

1 rod @ 4 1/4"

You can assemble them in multiple different configurations to optimize the length of the rod for different situations.