Hankins Break Action Ignition System Breach Plug ONLY

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This system was designed for the brake action; The Thompson Center Encore, CVA Apex, The CVA Scout V2, CVA Hunter model and H&R Handi Rifles are just a few that can use this plug. The plug diameter of 9/16 and the thread pitch of 24 TPI makes this the best choice for small diameter barrels.

When designing this plug, I took into account the scope screw locations on the Encore and Apex barrels. This plug will not come into contact with those holes and the ceiling shoulder of the plug sits back from the scope base hole.

When converting your break action rifle to a smokeless muzzle loader, demand the Hankins Break Action ignition system, as anything else is second best.

Included is one breech plug, one .035 tungsten bushing, and lock screw.