Hank's Precision 1" scope rings

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It has been a long time coming but the Hank's Precision scope rings are finally done and available for purchase. These rings are the result of many years of planning and over a year of designing and manufacturing. I have tested several sets in the field, and these have proven to be 100% what I wanted them to be.

I set out to design a better scope ring. Many manufactures make great rings, many of them I have used over the years, all of them had features I liked and some features I didn't like, so I took all the features I liked and put them into my ring design.

First: I wanted to use the best material I could use, so I chose 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, this material is superior over 6061 aluminum that many other manufactures use. It also cost twice as much money to purchase.

Second: I wanted a ring with super strong holding force, so I made the ring 1.080 wide, this is over .125 wider than the leading 6-hole rings we use. This was done to provide more gripping surface on the scope tube to hold it in place under the extreme recoil we subject our scopes too. I also made the ring cap with 6 bolts in it, these bolts are 10-32 thread, grade 8, aircraft quality bolts, with a larger head diameter than what is currently available on most scope rings. Most scopes rings use a size 8 screw.

Third: I wanted an extremely strong clamp, with all fastening hardware flush when tightened down, So I was able to transfer the same bolt pattern used on the ring cap to the side clamp for a sleek yet very functional look. No more big ½” nut and bolts to snag on everything you don't want it to.

Fourth: Was to produce a ring that was pleasing to the eye, no goody body lines or wild shapes. Just a sleek solid body ring that will handle any and all task you may subject it too.

Fifth: I wanted a durable finish on these, so I sent them out to a company that specializes in "Hard Coat" anodizing. This finish will last a lifetime and is practically indestructible. It will also match the finish on most scopes.

Sixth: I wanted to be able to produce these rings at a reasonable price. I will be selling these for $120.00 a set That’s a big savings over some of the other ring options we have out there, and I feel these are of better quality. They are manufactured in my shop, and I oversee every operation of the manufacturing process. From ordering the material to the finished packaging.

I am offering a lifetime warranty on these rings with a 15-day return policy if for any reason you’re not happy with them, or if you just order the wrong size and want to exchange them for a set that is higher or lower.

Remember you are buying straight from the manufacture, so you are not paying the two or three middlemen to handle your products, You’re not paying for fancy packaging and you’re not paying for high priced advertising.

Also, we offer more size height than most ring manufactures. Example: Most rings go in .125 increments, most of my rings go in .0625 increments, meaning you can get that scope just a little lower, or just a little higher when needed.