Double Load Extractor

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Here is a tool everyone needs in their arsenal of gadgets, but hopes they never need to use it.

The Double Load Extractor Tool was devised from a need. If you ever double load your rifle, it is practically impossible to push both bullets and the powder charge out the breech end. This tool was designed so you can remove the breech plug, dump the first powder charge, then using this tool you can precisely drill a hole in the bullet, then you can screw in the bullet pulling screw, and with the sliding weight, you can slap hammer the first bullet out of the barrel. Once you have the first bullet removed, you can then push the second bullet out of the barrel. You can do all of this without worry of destroying the barrel or setting off the charge. It is a very simple operation but must be performed with diligence and precision.

I have designed this tool so it is easy to store and keep all the pieces together. If you loose one piece, the rest of the tool would be useless. The aluminum base is drilled and tapped so you can keep all the pieces in one place.

I have made a very limited number of these tools so get yours while supplies last.

I will, in the next few days, make a video showing the proper way to use this tool.