Bullet Sizing Die

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These sizing dies are machined from 100% solid stainless steel on state of the art CNC equipment in my shop. I do believe these dies are the best and easiest sizing system on the market today. Simply screw the die into your reloading press and adjust the top nut until you get the bullet fitting in your barrel they way you like it.

I have decided to offer my sizing dies as separate components. Each part needs to be ordered to make up a complete kit. This is so that the guys that already have a complete kit consisting of a pusher stem and wrench can save some money by just purchasing another die body in order to be able to have more than one for different bullets. That way once you set the die for a particular bullet, you can save it for future use and not need to go back and forth sizing different bullets.

Currently available in 50, 45 and 40 caliber. Please make your selection above.