Brux 45 Caliber Sendaro Barrel Blank

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This is quickly becoming a very popular contour used in making long range, super powerful smokeless muzzle loaders. The Sendaro contour is right in the middle of the #17 and the #6. If you want just a little lighter than the #17 and just a little heavier than the #6, the Sendaro contour would be a good choice for you. This barrel blank is 29 inches and can be finished up to 28 inch. I prefer to cut off at least one inch from the muzzle end to get to good clean, sharp lands and grooves.

90% of my builds are finished at 26 inches as this is all that is needed when shooting smokeless powders. If you are going to shoot blackhorn 209 or black powder substitutes, you might want to finish your barrel at 28 inches.