ASG Gen2 Replacement Plug with HIS Modules

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This ignition system was designed to fix the problems associated with the ASG Gen2 primer module failures. The plug is an exact copy of the ASG Gen2 plug except that I install my bushing from the powder side like all of my other plugs. This system uses the origional Hankins Ignition Module and should last you twice as long as the ASG modules.

The system comes complete with a breech plug, tungsten bushing, locking set screw and 25 primer modules. The ASG system only comes with 20 primer modules so you are getting a much better deal when you purchase from the original manufacture of the large rifle magnum primer system.

For a limited time only!

If you trade in your ASG Gen2 plug and modules, I will give you 50% off the purchase price of this ignition system. This is a deal you just can't pass up. That means you can refurbish your ASG gun to a brand new and better ignition system for $81.25. You do need to contact the shop to get this deal. Call 859-428-2336, or you can simply mail in your old ASG Gen2 system along with $81.25 and I will send out your new replacement system.