45 Caliber Smokeless Muzzle Loader with Vortex PST2 Ready To Hunt.

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Here is a 45-caliber smokeless muzzle loader built using the Mesa Precision muzzle loader action, with Hank's Precision stainless steel 20 MOA picatinny rail, a Brux #17 stainless steel barrel, 1-20 twist, finished at 26 inches, one of Hank's Precision self-timing V2 muzzle brakes, with thread protector, loading funnel and ram rod. The ignition system is the HIS Original Large Rifle Magnum Priming system. The stock is a Manners T4 with a custom camo paint job. Jewell trigger set at one pound and a Vortex PST2 scope, 5-25 x 50 second focal plane with the EBR 4 MOA reticle mounted in a set of Hank's Precision 6 hole rings and sighted in with load data out to 500 yards.

This rifle shoot a 275 grain bullet at 3000 FPS with outstanding accuracy.

This rifle comes complete with everything you need to go hunting except bullets, primers and the powder.

This rifle must ship to an FFL dealer and the 4473-form completed at your preferred dealer.

Total weight: 13 pounds 15 ounces.