45 Caliber Savage Small Shank barrel .750 with muzzle brake

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Here is a 45 caliber muzzle loader barrel set up for the Savage small shank action. This barrel comes complete with: Brux barrel, 1-20 twist finished at 26 inches long. Approx. .750 at the muzzle. this is the lightest offering for the Saavage Pre-Fit barrels. HIS ignition system, includes the breech plug and 25 standard brass priming modules. Hank's Precision Self-Timing muzzle brake installed, with a loading funnel. We also include one of Hank's Precision barrel nuts to make setting head space easy.

You can swap out the standard size modules for magnum size modules at the time of ordering, but you must let me know during check out. There is a section for you to leave me a special note, just let me know you need the magnum modules instead of the standard modules.

These barrels are special priced at $820.00 which means you save $125.00 when you purchase the brake installed and the barrel nut.

Contour: 1.050X9 tapers to .750 @ 26

Weight 3lbs. 15ozs.