40 Caliber Sporter Contour 27 Inch W/Self-Timing Tactical Brake


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40 Caliber Smokeless Muzzle Loader Barrel

Here is a 27-inch finish length barrel with a Self-Timing tactical muzzle brake, loading funnel and a thread protector for those times you may want to shoot the rifle without the brake to fit the Encore frame. It is a sporter contour barrel, cut, crowned and muzzle brake installed and bead blasted, ready to install on your frame. This barrel comes complete with the ORIGIONAL LARGE RIFLE MAGNUM PRIMER SYSTEM breech plug installed along with 25 primer modules that will practically last a lifetime if not lost. This barrel also comes with a picatinny rail mounted to the barrel with 6 screws and moved forward 1 inch for more eye relief. The barrel also comes with two dovetail studs securely installed on the barrel for mounting the forearm. A 12 Gage Shot gun forearm will mount to this barrel without modifications or you can use a rifle or muzzle loader forearm with some slight modifications to the barrel channel. Included with the barrel are two forearm mounting screws.

The barrel blank is from Preferred barrels and it has a 1-15 twist.

Material: 416 Stainless.

Total Length including muzzle brake: 28 1/4"

Total weight of barrel: 4lb, 10oz.

Ignition System: HIS, Includes the breech plug, tungsten bushing and 25 brass priming modules.

Finish: Bead blasted non reflective grey.

Other items you may need with this barrel is a Three piece ram rod with a knob and jag. The ram rod length you will need for this barrel would be the 26 inch rod, add the jag and that brings the total length to 28 inches. The ram rod, jags and knobs can be found here: https://hanksprecisiongunparts.com/c/ram-rods-and-loading-accessories

You may also need a sizing die, you will need to order the 40 caliber sizing die kit available here: https://hanksprecisiongunparts.com/c/bullet-resizing-dies