338 Lapua Rogue


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This rifle is from an estate sale. A good customer of mine has reached a point in his life where he can no longer hunt or shoot, so he has asked me to sell his collection of Hankins Custom Rifles and a few other items. You will find his fine collection of high quality rifles and accessories on the Estate Sale page.

338 Lapua Rogue custom built using a Stiller TAC-338 single shot action, Kriger #17 barrel 1-9.35 twist finished at 30 inches with a muzzle brake installed and a Manners T5-A stock with molded in Mid-Night camo color, Jewell trigger set at one pound. Nightforce ATACR scope, 5-25x56, zero stop, .250 MOA MOART reticle. Nightforce Part # C526

This rifle is pictured with the scope and price is with the scope, however we can seperate it if you do not want the scope. You must call the shop for details and price drop.

This rifle comes with a Pelican 1770 hard case with the rifle fitted inside for secure and safe storage and shipping.

Also there is an added $200.00 charge when purchasing from the website and using a credit card. If you would like to save the $200.00 please call the shop and I will tell you what we need to do in order to drop the $200.00

Call the shop to save $200.00 on this order. 859-428-2336. You must call before paying for it with a credit card. Once paid for with credit card, no discounts will be applied.

This rifle is in like new condition and has been kept in a safe, it was purchased for a long range where it was used to take an Antalope at 1306 yards. This rifle has been shot 227 times to the best of my knowledge, as I have all the brass and loaded ammo with this rifle.

Since this is a custom wildcat cartridge the complete 4 die reloading set is included with this purchase. The reloading dies were made here at Hankins Custom Rifles and includes a die to reload the standard 338 Lapua for fire forming purposes and then the resizer and loading die for the 338 Lapua Rogue. This die set is worth several hundred dollars if purchased seperatly.

Also included with this purchase is 198 cartridges for this rifle. All brass is Lapua brand. There is a total of 25 loaded rounds, enough to get you started for a long range hunt. These rounds are set up for this rifle and the rifle is sighted in, ready to go. The loaded rounds have been fired once. There is another 76 cartridges that have been twice fired and 50 virgin brass that have had the necks turned and are ready to load and fire form.

This ammo and cartridges are worth over $600.00 and is included with the rifle.

I also have some bullets that was purchased by the owner of this rifle listed and can be purchased with this rifle or seperately. They are listed on the Estate Sale Page.